Prepaid SIM

Unlimited data & call SIM

₩25,000 for 1mth
₩45,000 for 2mths
₩65,000 for 3mths
₩80,000 for 4mths
₩105,000 for 5mths
₩130,000 for 6mths


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Reason for being No.1!
❶ Korea The best deal of
unlimited data plan 
₩20,000 for 14days
₩25,000 for 1mth
₩45,000 for 2mths
₩60,000 for 3mths 
₩80,000 for 4mths 
Stable and fast internet speed

Unlimited data at 3Mpbs

 ❸ Powerful delivery Service

• Free delivery in Korea

• Same day delivery in Korea (₩3,000)

• Pick-up (7 branches in Seoul)
• Incheon airport pick-up

 ❹ Convenient service

• All process can be done online

• ARC connection with same phone number and SIM

• Provide consultation in different languages

Large membership

Enormous number of users in Korea

 7 Branches

Konkuk branch
SKKU branch
Kynughee branch
Hongdae branch
Sinchon branch
Chungang branch
Korea Uni. branch

Non chingu mobile vs Chingu mobile
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