💡 Q1- Where can i buy CHINGU SIM Card?

A: You may purchase Chingu SIM online at our website - www.chingumobile.com (you may opt for pick up or delivery service)

    Or you may also purchase at our 7 stores located at Seoul.  (Store location

💡 Q2- What are the difference between Unlimited Data plan & Unlimited Speed up Data plan?


Unlimited Data plan
Unlimited Speed up Data plan
300MB of 5mpbs LTE + Unlimited 3mbps LTE
10GB of 5mbps LTE (monthly) + 2GB of 5mbps LTE (daily) +Unlimited 3mbps LTE
Domestic call
Domestic text

*NOT include paid call *number with 4-8 digits are mostly paid call like 1345 and health insurance customer hotline service

💡 Q3- Where can I pick up my CHINGU SIM Card?

A: Incheon T1 : Terminal 1, 3F Around aisle.H, BookStore : 7:00-21:00 (Mon-Sun)

    Incheon T2 : Terminal 2, 3F Around aisle D., BookStore: 7:00-21:00 (Mon-Sun)

    Konkuk Branch: 31, Achasan-ro, 30gil, Guangjin-gu, Seoul                        

    Hongdae Branch: 2F,10, Hongik-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul.                        

    Kynughee Branch: 4, Kynugheedae-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul                        

    SKKU Branch: 8-1, Seounggyungwan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul                        

    Chungang Branch: 97, Heokseok-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul                         

    Sinchon Branch: 62, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul                        

    Korea Uni.branch: 104, Goryeodae-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul     

💡 Q4- Usually how long the delivery service takes after i place an order at CHINGU website?

A: For all the order placed and done payment by 430pm, we will prepare for same day delivery 

   *Shipping service only available on weekday and does not work on holidays. 

   Within South Korea, the parcel usually takes 1-2days to arrive, it might delay based on shipping company's situation

💡 Q5- Can i order SIM before i arrive Korea? Can it be activate before i arrive Korea? 

A: You may order before u arrived Korea but It is impossible to activate the sim card before you arrive in Korea. 

    Your information needs to be verified on www.hikorea.co.kr

    We suggest If you are ordering a sim card in advance of your arrival, please give a note on your arrival information.

💡 Q6- Which carrier network does CHINGU MOBILE use? 

A: We partnered with the country's leading mobile network operators- KT, SKT, LG U+. Hence Our network coverage is highly reliable and extensive.

💡 Q7- Any requirement needed in order to order CHINGU SIM card? 

A: Basically with only passport, you can get our CHINGU SIM Card.

💡 Q8- How long i can use with passport sign up? 

A: You can use up to 3months with passport sign up. Meanwhile if you have been issued an alien registration card within the period, 

    you can apply for a change of name and extend the period of use by the period of stay. 


💡 Q9- Can i register with my passport even i have an alien registration card ?

A: If you have both Alien Registration Card and a passport, you must appply with an Alien Registration Card.

💡 Q10- Can underaged (<19YO) apply CHINGU SIM?

A: Yes, underaged is still able to register with us. 

💡 Q11- Can CHINGU SIM Card able to use self-authorization?

A: Mobile Self-Authentication Service means real name verification connecting with your Korean mobile phone number 

   Meaning Self- Authentication only apply for user who signed 3/4months plan with holding an alien registration card (ARC) , 

   It’s not possible for foreign passport holders to use Self-Authentication Service.

💡 Q12- How to activate my CHINGU SIM Card? 


Step 1 Insert Chingu Sim card into your phone

Step 2 Contact CS with your order number 

Step 3 (after 30mins) Restart your phone 2-3times 

Step 4 Wifi Off, Roaming Off, VPN is Disconnected & Data Network ON

Step 5 Activation completed (LTE sign appear)

💡 Q13- What should i do if my network is not working after trying to do activation? 

A: It sometimes happens that your phone still doesn't work even after trying to do start-up procedure.

 In that case, please contact us after checking your phone number and imei.

You can find IMEI by enter *#06# on the dialer and SN will appear on your screen (applicable to the phones and tablets that support SIM cards)


- Settings>more settings>about phone(about device or my device)>status>IMEI for ANDROID version.

- Settings>general>about>IMEI for IOS version.

💡 Q14- Why i still not able to use CHINGU SIM even i send my IMEI?

A: Country Lock mobile phone is not available, please check before purchase. If the device you are willing to use is restricted to 

"specific telecom company or specific country, you cannot use the device with Korean local SIM"

You need to unlock your phone by calling your cell carrier. 

They will unlock it for you as long as your phone is fully paid off. But if not able to unlock and not able to use our service we will full refund. 

💡 Q15- Why my plan is suspended before my plan expired? 

A: When using international calls, phone use may be suspended due to the rapid depletion of the balance

   If you over used all the quota , available period of use is deducted and all the service will be finished.

   It may be shorter than your plan date when you use paid call.        

💡 Q16- Can I use extra when the basic serving amount is exhausted?

A: Data and voice calls use are terminated once your basic plan is exhausted, but you can top-up to extend the plan. 

    Top-up price is 36,000/month. 

💡 Q17- Is the balance refundable upon cancellation?

A: In case of mid-term cancellation, the remaining balance is non-refundable, so we recommend cancelling after the basic supply is exhausted. 

💡 Q18- Can i extend CHINGU service after expired? 

A: The previous plan has to be used for at least 90days(3months) are able to extend the service on the 91th day.  

   (the number already connected with ARC)

💡 Q19- What is CHINGU MOBILE Business hour?


[Business hours]

* Monday to Friday : 09:30 ~ 19:30: Saturday 10:30- 18:30 (No activation available other than business hour, including Sunday and Public Holiday) 

* Facebook : facebook.com/chingumobile

* Email :chingumobile@gmail.com

If you have any inquiries, please leave a message on Facebook or send us email, then we will handle them in business hours.

If you're urgent, please call us at 010-2153 9169

㈜친구통신 사업자번호 : 625-87-00571
통신판매신고 : 2021-서울광진-0051호

대표이사 : 김광일
서울특별시 광진구 아차산로30길31 친구통신

TEL: 010-21539169 

E-mail: chingumobile@gmail.com


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㈜친구통신 사업자번호 : 625-87-00571 | 통신판매신고 : 2021-서울광진-0051호 | 대표이사 : 김광일
서울특별시 광진구 아차산로30길31 친구통신 

TEL: 010-21539169

E-mail: chingumobile@gmail.com


Copyright Ⓒ 2022 CHINGU MOBILE  All Rights Reserved.

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